David Fleay's Nature Notes

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David Fleay's Nature Notes

Post by Mick Atzeni » Sat Aug 16, 2008 1:09 am

Copy of my posting to birding-aus below. Hope someone can make Judi's day!
One of our members Judi Gray is related to the late great David Fleay
and a bit of a family history buff. Judi tells me she now has all his
books but I asked her about his Nature Notes that used to be
published in the Courier Mail and she has none of them.

Does anyone else remember these Nature Notes and has anyone kept
them? If so, Judi would love to hear from you. Her email is

I happened to have seven which I've photocopied for Judi today. They
are still gems of wisdom all these years later. And beautifully
crafted. Incidentally, Fleay was my childhood idol. It was a visit to
Fleay's Reserve that unleashed my passion for birds at a very early
age, and a visit became mandatory every holiday at the coast
thereafter! I can still see all those wonderful owls... and that
Prince Edward(Albert's)Lyrebird!

One of the articles I kept is actually about "Caruso" the cock Prince
Edward Lyrebird mimicking a White-throated Nightjar of all things!
Another is about a Plumed (Marbled) Frogmouth chick rescued from
drowning in Cedar Creek, Mt Tamborine in Dec 1969 and details the
differences in the developing plumage and behaviour compared with a
Tawny Frogmouth of similar age, with which it was domiciled.
Unfortunately, a year later the former became a victim of a Grey
Goshawk that managed a killing grab through the wire-netting of the

Michael Atzeni
Toowoomba Bird Observers

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Mick Atzeni
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Prince Edward Lyrebird? .. I tell a lie.

Post by Mick Atzeni » Sun Aug 17, 2008 10:41 am

Thanks to Greg Clancy for pointing out that Prince Edward's is the Superb Lyrebird - not the Albert's!
From: Greg & Val Clancy <gclancy@tpg.com.au> Subject: Re: [Birding-Aus] David Fleay's Nature Notes Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2008 08:23:17 +1000 To: <matzeni@westnet.com.au> <birding-aus@vicnet.net.au> CC: <climaxroofing@optusnet.com.au>

Hi Michael,

I too have fond memories of meeting David Fleay at his Burleigh Fauna
Sanctuary. At the time he was caring for two very noisy orphaned
Channel-billed Cuckoo chicks. The Edward's Lyrebird is not the same as the
Albert's Lyrebird. The Edward's is the northern race of the Superb Lyrebird
found commonly in the granite country north from the Hunter Valley. It has
previously been considered to be a separate species.


Greg Clancy
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Michael Atzeni
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