Fan-tailed Cuckoos, Striated Pardalotes (race ornatus)

Migrant arrival dates are always a hot topic, particularly, the spring/summer migrants.

Think you've seen the first for the season? Post details here and let's see if you're right ...

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Fan-tailed Cuckoos, Striated Pardalotes (race ornatus)

Post by Mick Atzeni » Sun Apr 12, 2009 12:23 am


Heard a few Fan-tailed Cuckoos on Saturday 10/4 during a walk around Tiddalac, Upper Lockyer. Up until then had just had the one sighting of an immature bird. Appears an influx into the district is under way. Do others concur?

Also, there are plenty of Striated Pardolotes (race melanocephalus) around Upper Lockyer at present. They are grouping and performing an unusual wing stretching behaviour. Noted a group of six birds doing this on the ground. Also saw others doing it atop dead trees. Not sure what the significance of this behaviour is though. Any clues?

On 10/4, for the first time at Tiddalac, I also noted a single bird that was of the race ornatus.


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