Stanthorpe Blackbirds

Just how many Common Blackbirds have infiltrated Toowoomba and surrounds? And whereabouts are they? To help control this latest threat, please post details of all positive and possible sightings (date, time, numbers, ->O, exact location, behaviour) here. If unsure about your ID, please provide a description of the features you noted ...

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Glenn McRae
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Stanthorpe Blackbirds

Post by Glenn McRae » Thu Jul 15, 2010 3:58 pm

Blackbirds can be reliably found in several places in Stanthorpe.
1)Two private English Style Gardens on the corner of Lock St & Quart Pot Ck across the road from each other. This is THE place to see the Blackbirds regularly.
2) Cherry Lane Nursery, located along Sugarloaf Rd is reasonably reliable.
3)The small island in Quart Pot Crk located near the skate park is next
4) and individual sightings along Davadi St (opposite the supermarket) and a private residences in Matthew St (near Quart Pot Ck) and Burton Cres.
I hope you find this helpful
Glenn McRae
Stanthorpe, Qld
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