Common Blackbird at Stockyard Ck (Helen Scanlan)

Just how many Common Blackbirds have infiltrated Toowoomba and surrounds? And whereabouts are they? To help control this latest threat, please post details of all positive and possible sightings (date, time, numbers, ->O, exact location, behaviour) here. If unsure about your ID, please provide a description of the features you noted ...

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Common Blackbird at Stockyard Ck (Helen Scanlan)

Post by Mick Atzeni » Wed Jan 10, 2007 9:35 pm

Helen, whose property the TBO have been to in the past, popped her head in the door of my office today to say she had identified a male Common Blackbird on their property at Stockyard Ck in early December at the start of the school holidays.

Based on her description, I have no doubts that's what she saw - and heard, as it was the sweet song that caught her attention. It was singing in a Celtis, then later in an African Tulip tree.

That was the first time they'd seen it and it hasn't been back. Wonder just how many more are skulking around the region undetected? The sooner we start raising public awareness the better!
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