Did Common Blackbirds establish in Millmerran?

Just how many Common Blackbirds have infiltrated Toowoomba and surrounds? And whereabouts are they? To help control this latest threat, please post details of all positive and possible sightings (date, time, numbers, ->O, exact location, behaviour) here. If unsure about your ID, please provide a description of the features you noted ...

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Did Common Blackbirds establish in Millmerran?

Post by Mick Atzeni » Fri Aug 31, 2007 11:11 pm

On 18 October 2005, Graham Goodall of 11 Nardoo St, Millmerran, rang me to report he had a male blackbird in his yard the previous morning. That was the first time he'd seen one there. Graham was familiar with the species from down south where he used to live, so was positive about his ID and I had no reason to doubt him.

There have been no reports from Millmerran since but that doesn't necessarily mean they aren't still there. I would be grateful if any Millmerran residents reading this forum could confirm either way. With the breeding season about to start, keep your ears out for calling males.
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