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Peregrine Falcon at Goomburra 11/06/12

Posted: Mon Jun 11, 2012 6:18 pm
by Brendon & Judi Gray
While driving to Goomburra to go bush walking early this morning, Brendon spotted a bird feeding on something in a paddock not far from the road. He stopped the car quickly, saying that it looked like a Peregrine Falcon! We both jumped out in a hurry with the cameras and can say without a doubt that the bird was a Peregrine Falcon. We took many pictures (sadly many blury) as the bird took off at great speeds, circling and making a constant kak kak kak noise. We watched it fly off into the hills and come back to chase off a crow that was after its meal. It seemed to have been eating a dead black bird in the paddock, either a crow or currawong we think. We thought we could hear another bird in the trees nearby making the same sound but couldnt see anything from where we were. We stayed and watched it as it flew up to the hills and landed in a tree. An extremely exciting sighting on a freezing rainy day! Judi Gray.