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Glossy Blacks at Flagstone Ck

Posted: Mon Mar 17, 2008 9:07 am
by Fielded
A quick note to say that if you haven't ticked off a Glossy Black-cockatoo for this year, then head down to my place at the corner of Flagstone Creek Road and Upper Flagstone Creek Road. There has been a pair and their single immature young bird feeding on the Allo-casuarina glauca trees. My driveway is now littered with the She-oak nuts from a recent feeding event. Along Flagstone Creek Road above my place, there are two other lots of nuts over the road.

I have seen or heard the birds nearly every morning and afternoon for the past week. They were around my place this morning again.

I suggest parking your car near Blanchview Road or the corner of Flagstone and Upper Flagstone Ck Rds and listen out for their weak calling along the creek or from up on the ridges feeding on the She-oaks.

I am nearly guaranteeing a sighting! I had excellent views just about every day. Yesterday afternoon the young glossy was in a tree nearby as I was collecting the washing off the line (I'm domesticated...).