Sightings anywhere within a 250 km radius of Toowoomba, but excluding the local survey area (see above), for the period 1 Dec 2009 - 28 Feb 2010.

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Post by Mick Atzeni » Tue Oct 27, 2009 11:35 pm

Have had several enquiries about the boundaries so here's a refresher.

The 250 km radius defining the BEYOND region extends to:

* Gayndah, Tairo and Tin Can Bay to the north
* The coast between Tin Can Bay and Ballina to the east, including offshore sightings
* About 30 km north of Glen Innes, to the south
* About 30 km south of Goondiwindi, to the southwest
* West to Westmar and Erringibba NP (just east of Glenmorgan on the Surat-Tara Rd), and
* about 10km west and northwest of Miles

Note that the BEYOND region excludes the club's official survey area, which is a much smaller rectangular region extending from the Kingsthorpe area, NW of Toowoomba, to the Mt Whitestone/Fordsdale area, SE of Helidon. Sightings in this core region should be posted under the WITHIN listing on this Forum.

So why maintain two separate lists when all sightings are within the 250 km radius? The reason is twofold:

1) to keep the local records separate for our Records Officer's purposes, and
2) to differentiate between, but at the same time, highlight the marvellous birding locally, and within a 3-4 hour drive of Toowoomba, for birders considering Toowoomba as their base, or perhaps a place to live.

Who can contribute? Anyone; you do not have to be a club member. However, you do need to register (it's free) so we know you're bona fide before you can begin posting to the forum. Email the Forum Administrator at and request a registration link.

Look forward to your contributions. Remember, to provide a date and location where possible and, if in doubt, leave it out or say so.


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