Some recent birds (and orchids)

Sightings anywhere within a 250 km radius of Toowoomba, but excluding the local survey area (see above), for the period 1 Jun - 31 Aug 2010.

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Some recent birds (and orchids)

Post by Rod Hobson » Tue Jun 15, 2010 7:42 am


To add to the list from observers Robert Ashdown (R.A.) and self (R.H.). Apologies for any duplication:

09th June:

Red Wattlebird at Dalveen, R.H.
White-eared Honeyeater at Girraween N.P., R.H.
Yellow Thornbill at Girraween N.P., R.H.

11th. June:

Australian Pipit in Goomburra Valley, R.A., R.H.
Zebra Finch in Goomburra Valley, R.H.
Crimson Rosella in Goomburra S.F., R.A., R.H.
Grey-crowned Babbler in Goomburra S.F., R.H.
Wompoo Fruit-Dove in Goomburra S.F., R.H.
Albert's Lyrebird in Goomburra S.F., R.A., R.H.
Logrunner (5 seen) in Goomburra S.F., R.A., R.H.
Bassian Thrush (a single seen) in Goomburra S.F., R.H.

Albert's Lyrebirds were quite rowdy in Goomburra last Friday. Robert and I heard birds regularly during our day there from at least four separate locations although we did cover considerable territory over our stay.

Our bird list for the day is somewhat scant. Terrestrial orchids were our target for this visit. And we found heaps including the flowering terrestrials Nodding Greenhood (Pterostylis nutans), Glassy Leafy Orchid (Bunochilus vitreus)* and Russell's Greenhood (Diplodium russellii). Birding was only incidental.

* It should be noted that the Queensland Herbarium does not rcognise the genus Bunochilus (Jones 2006) and retains Pterostylis for this species (Bostock 2008).


Bostock, P. (2008). New combinations in Liparis Rich. and Pterostylis R.Br. for two species of Orchidaceae from Queensland, 'Austrobaileya' 7(4):737 (2008).

Jones, D.L. (2006). Towards a revision of Bunochilus. D.L.Jones & M.A.Clem. 'Australian Orchid Research" 5:112-142.

Rod Hobson

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