Odd couple: Long-billed & Little Corella pair

Sightings within the local survey area for the period 1 Jun 2012 - 31 Aug 2012. The local survey area is a rectangular area extending from Kingsthorpe NW of Toowoomba to the Mt Whitestone/Fordsdale area SE of Helidon.
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Odd couple: Long-billed & Little Corella pair

Post by Mick Atzeni » Sun Jul 15, 2012 10:25 pm

Dropped into the Helidon Spa Golf course to get a GPS reading this arvo (for last year's Baillon's Crake) only to have the batteries die on me, but to my great surprise, there in one of the two big gums near the dam (at the tee-off for the 6th hole; tree on left if looking east), were a Little Corella and a Long-billed Corella sitting snugly in the entrance to presumably their nesting hollow. First time I've seen these two species paired off in the wild.


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