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Sightings from west & south

Posted: Sun Jul 01, 2012 10:33 pm
by Alastair Silcock
A few more species from a variety of habitats in recent weeks. Enjoyed watching pair of sea eagles soaring over Yarramalong Weir today.

Linthorpe 10/06/12
rock dove
peaceful dove
bar-shouldered dove
pheasant coucal
speckled warbler
yellow-rumped thornbill
varied sittella

Oakey 24/06/12
yellow-throated miner

Irvingdale 24/06/12
yellow-billed spoonbill

Pratten 29/0/6/12
white winged chough

Glen Aplin 30/06/12
eastern rosella
jacky winter
rose robin
red wattlebird
apostle bird

Gore/Cement Mills 30/06/12
common bronzewing
yellow tufted honeyeater
fuscous honeyeater

Tummaville 30/06/12
chestnut-breasted mannikin

Yarramalong 01/07/12
white-plumed honyeater

Pittsworth 01/07/12
olive-backed oriole