Bush Stone-Curlew & Ground Cuckoo-Shrike

Our tails are up. It's 250 or nothing this year! :-)
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Bush Stone-Curlew & Ground Cuckoo-Shrike

Post by Mick Atzeni » Sun Apr 07, 2013 12:46 am

The only resident Bush Stone-Curlew we know of in Toowoomba was back at one of its known haunts - 409 Boundary Rd, Torrington - yesterday (6/4) around 5pm. I found it standing under a shrub along the fence to the right of the driveway. Good to locate it again after a couple of failed attempts this year. Every time I miss it I worry it has come to grief.

Just beforehand, around the corner in Bridge St, I saw a Ground Cuckoo-Shrike on the power lines near the ambulance station as I was driving by. I turned around at the Boundary Rd intersection then pulled over to view it, at which point it and two others flew over the road to a tree in the front yard of 583 Bridge St. They apparently took up roost there for the night.

A nice "Welcome Home" after an impromptu drive out to Bowenville.

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