7 GBC's at Flagstone Ck

This high profile conservation species is reported occasionally in the area. Given the interest in this species' conservation, including the Glossy Black Conservancy, it makes sense to store GBC sightings together for convenience.

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7 GBC's at Flagstone Ck

Post by Fielded » Sun Jan 18, 2009 3:02 pm

Hello People

Yesterday (17.01.09) I first heard, then counted, seven Glossy Black's flying over Flagstone Creek Road about 500m east of my house. I also heard a pair flying along Flagstone Creek on the 15.01.09 . They are never noisy, but they do let out a mournful cry every so often.

I have no doubt that a survey of Glossy's at Flagstone Creek and other areas of similiar habitat of Allocasuarina torelosa on the eastern side of the range near Toowoomba would reveal a significant number. Another great spot for them is Goomburra National Park. I've only sometimes lucked-out seeing them there whenever I go.


Darren Fielder

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