Australian Ringneck (Ron May)

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Australian Ringneck (Ron May)

Post by Mick Atzeni » Tue Jun 16, 2009 3:22 pm

A "Port Lincoln"-type Australian Ringneck has been reported by Ron May of Loch St, Centenary Heights. Ron saw the bird fly over his yard in south-easterly direction around 8:40am, 14/6/09 and realising what it was and having never seen one in Toowoomba, left a message on my work phone to be on the alert. Thanks Ron!

Although not the first for Toowoomba, it's an interesting one as I think it's the first for the Centenary Heights area. I draw your attention to past local sightings (see link below) and again raise the issue of whether or not a viable "feral native" breeding population exists in Toowoomba? If so, then why wouldn't it qualify for the official list for the same reasons Long-billed Corellas are now on?

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The big unknown is just how many are getting around suburban Toowoomba these days? Two, four, eight or twenty-eight?? :) Where are they nesting each year?

The problem with finding them is similar to the Common Blackbird problem - it requires community input to pinpoint backyard birds because we birders are too thinly spread. But unless the general public have the presence of mind to contact us - like Ron May did, we're likely to be remain none the wiser despite all the circumstantial evidence. An article in The Chronicle or Toowoomba Mail may be the only way to put this one to bed.


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