Channel-billed Cuckoo hosts

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Channel-billed Cuckoo hosts

Post by Mick Atzeni » Sat Jan 08, 2011 9:15 pm

On 2 January, TBO member Alison James emailed to she and her husband Chris had seen a Channel-billed Cuckoo (CBC) in the grounds of Ramsay School being fed by a Pied Currawong.

Whilst I see the field guides mention larger species like magpies, currawongs and crows are parasitised by CBCs, personally, I have only ever witnessed Torresian Crows playing host, so had been under the misconception they (and other corvids) were the only species targeted, and capable of rearing such monstrous "offspring" - until I received Alison's email.

It has since occurred to me that perhaps the local magpies here at Tiddalac were parasitised by CBCs the previous breeding season as I was surprised I never saw any young magpies around the yard, whereas this breeding season they were very much in evidence.

Be interested to hear what CBC hosts others have observed locally.


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