Technology and birding

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Technology and birding

Post by Mick Atzeni » Tue Oct 25, 2011 10:16 pm

Those who attended the AGM on 19 October were treated to a passionate and enlightening presentation by self-confessed technophile, keen birder and regular forum contributor Chris Sanderson. (See Chris's SEQ Big Year .:// ... php?t=1889)

Chris has provided the links to the various websites he mentioned during his talk on the technological resources available to birders these days:
From: "Chris Sanderson" <>
To: "Mick Atzeni" <>
Sent: Tuesday, 25 October, 2011 11:07:35 AM GMT +10:00 Brisbane
Subject: Links from talk

Hi Mick,
As promised, here are a number of links from the talk last week.
Bird-O: .://
Birding and Altzheimer's article: .:// ... back-yard/
And to buy the book (Bird-O has no commercial interest, we just think it's a good idea): .:// ... &Itemid=18
Greg Roberts' Sunshine Coast birding page: .://
My SEQ birding page: .://
Wildiaries sign up page: .://
Some example trip reports: .://, .://
Xeno Canto bird calls (Australasia): .://
Xeno Canto (world): .://
Atlas of Living Australia (good for taxonomy and threatened status): .://
Our facebook and twitter sites (so you can see an example of how it can work): .://, .://!/birdodotcom
Hope all this is of use to someone!
Check out our site: .://
Follow us on Facebook (Bird-O) and Twitter (@birdodotcom)

Thanks Chris :D
Michael Atzeni
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