Smylie's Species Census

If you can't find a pigeon-hole elsewhere, please post your observations here...

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Smylie's Species Census

Post by smyliekylie » Sat Oct 29, 2011 7:46 pm

Hi folks,
There doesn't seem to be a section for the census....just wondering how we know how each grid is going. Is there a grid section that hasn't been done yet?
I had an excellent morning doing my first census count with Mick, Carol, Wes and Norma. We did N3, N4, C5 & C7, I've done a bit of C3. If there is any grid section not done yet, I'd be more than willing to check it out tomorrow or Monday afternoon. Not that I'd get as many as today with mighty Mick and crew, but at least they'd all get visited.
Oh well, hope everyone has had a great census weekend like I have :)

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