Outback Qld and Kilcowera Station

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Outback Qld and Kilcowera Station

Post by Toni » Sun Apr 08, 2012 5:44 pm

Just wanted to let people know that our part of the Outback is looking amazing with lots of grass, fat stock and the birdlife is incredible. I know there is still some flooding in NSW but SW Qld is totally accessible, all the floods have gone leaving us with a wonderful season.
If anyone wants to visit Currawinya National Park be warned that the Lakes road is closed to all vehicles. Access to the enormous saline Lake Wyara can be had for guests staying at Kilcowera Station. The pelicans are back for the third year in a row breeding on the islands in the lake.
Cardenyabba Lagoon is full and a great place to camp for a few days or a week as is the Shearers Quarters campground. Kilcowera also has clean and comfortable shearers quarters accommodation.

The whole of SW Queensland looks great and there is much to see and do in this corner country of Qld. There are some great little towns, friendly locals, other stations within a days drive also open for tourists, rivers, dig trees, opal mines, sand dunes, old graves, abandoned towns, historic pubs, terrific birdlife and fishing and plenty of National parks.
The roads are open and councils have been working on most of them. So come on out! Cheers Toni

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